Flora & Fauna: what to see al year around


Wolves are not encountered in the Alentejo. Wild boars, rabbits and hares and the occasional deer are quite common here. Egyptian mongoose (Saca Rabos), foxes, badgers and hedgehogs also occur on and around o-vale-da-mudança. Are you going on a trip to e.g. Serpa or Mertola you have the chance that you will meet a lynx.

We can really enjoy watching the many bird species that reside here. O-vale-da-mudança is located in the middle of the feeding area that is important for the great bird migration. In the spring to the north to return in the autumn. Bird species that we regularly see are storks, many types of buffalo such as the Eagle, the Buzzard, the red and the black Wow, the Hawk and cheerfully dressed kites such as the Goldfinch, the Hoopoe, the Bee-eater, the Robin and very sometimes the Golden Oriole.

The undulating land around o-vale-da-mudança is less humid and less green than the north. The area immediately around us is covered with cork oaks, olive trees, almond trees, fig trees and orange trees. Next to us is a small bunch of Eucalyptus, which gives off a very nice scent. In the spring the area is full of flowers. Wild rosemary is in bloom and attracts bees and butterflies as well as lavender, rock roses, poppies and all those thousands of other flowers.

Although we live in the rolling countryside of central Portugal, we also enjoy taking an occasional sea trip in the vicinity of Sétubal. It is very nice to watch dolphins there. We can arrange a wonderful trip for you on a catamaran or a sailing yacht.